About me

Hi! My name is Chrystal, and I want to welcome you to Sane With Kids! A little about me: I have a master’s degree in school psychology, and in the past I have worked as a teacher and a school psychologist. I am now a program supervisor for an autism treatment program here in Northern California. My interests have always centered around children and families, and I am really passionate about working with parents and families to solve problems. I am constantly learning - from books, workshops, my own kids, and from other families - and I am excited to share what I have learned with you. When I am not working on this site or with other families, I am spending time (probably outside) with my husband, two dogs, and identical twin boys!

I truly believe that YOU are the expert on your own kids.  No one else can decipher every cry, or know exactly what to do to make those tears go away.  But I also believe that every parent needs advice (or more) at some point.  So, that’s why I am here!  Thank you for joining me!